Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taste of the Beach - NC Outer Banks

This past march the wife and I and her brother spent a long weekend in the outer banks during their food and drink festival called Taste of the Beach.  We had a great time visiting and eating at some great restaurants.  I highly recommend to anyone who is remotely foodie like attend this event.  If nothing else you should make it to the finale where most of the food and drink establishments are represented.  We were exposed to some tremendous food some of which was presented by chefs for the first time.

Event photo gallery:

My own photos:

My best time was the 3 hours we spent at Sanctuary Vineyards with owner John Wright and the time he spent with us on the tour and the blending and tasting from the barrel(s).  We had a great time and for the record Stephen, April's brother, won the blending contest.