More About Me

I guess you can call me a foodie but it is really more than that.  I love to cook, travel, garden, and try new (foods, wines, beers) among many other things . Living comes first then work.

Married to my best friend and my buddy April.

There is no better felling,well almost, than to prepare a meal that other people will can enjoy.

Cooking is a journey; learn from your mistakes, don't be afraid to try new things and if it turns out too bad, there is always PB&J..

My desire for cooking, I think, comes from watching my Mom work her magic in the kitchen and from my Dad working the garden.  He can grow most anything and has built up from NC red clay the richest and most fertile plot that is a site to see in the height of the growing season.  I have a real deep seated passion for the art of making something as simple as boiled corn taste good and even better on the grill. :)

God gave us oversight of the land and that which grows from it and so it is only fitting that we use it with respect to gain satisfaction as well as pleasure.