Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Charleston Dining

Last weekend was spent mostly on the road. We racked up over 1400 miles so the wife could attend a scrap book party in south GA. The best part was our detour back through Charleston. A couple we know from Raleigh have opened a wonderful restaurant on the northern most end of N Market St in Charleston called Burwell's Stone Fire Grill.

They really stand up to their claim of being a modern steakhouse with a flare for raising the bar on an American staple. The chef does a great job of incorporating farm fresh ingredients which can add to the experience of trying combinations you would not normally get at other restaurants.

Flight of Flavor
My wife ordered the Flight of Flavor, which is really a started but was just enough for her and allowed us to split two sides and a dessert. The flight is strips of beef filet served with three dipping sauces arranged around a six or seven hundred degree stone that you then sear the beef on yourself. She loved it. They have two starter versions and a larger main course version as well.

I ordered the Deckle special. Deckle is the grillable top part of the rib-eye and is packed with flavor. It was cooked perfectly. It was served over a bed of risotto with a tomato ragu and sauteed mushroom, onion and asparagus salad.

Custom Gin Jello Shooter
They have done a great job with the building both inside and out and you would never know it used to be two separate buildings. The dinning room is open but still gives that air of privacy and they offer areas for large groups as well as cozy nooks for two. The bar area is fun and open they offer up some amazing and unique cocktails but the main attraction is the bar top. Through out the building they incorporated recycled building materials but the bar top and the bar high tops are constructed out of old rail car flooring. To go with the bar is a enclosed see through wine cellar hand crafted to match the reclaimed wood from other parts of the room.

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  1. This is a great way to enjoy the trip back home-it makes the scrapbooking jaunt, well worth it. Nice!